On this episode of The Smell of Victory Podcast, Bob Hein and Phil Walter interrogated former CIA Officer Alex Finley on her new book, “Victor in the Jungle,” which follows her first book, “Victor in the Rubble.”  Key Intelligence Questions posed to Alex during this interrogation include:

– Who has the worst travel claim processing in D.C., the CIA, the military, or defense contractors?

– What does fictional character and intelligence operative Victor Caro do when he is tired of the Total War on Terror in West Africa?

– What did a young Alex Finley do as a child to prepare for life in the CIA?

– Has the CIA forgotten the art of spying?

– After over a decade and a half fighting the war on terror, do intelligence services have the tools for great power competition?

– Does the CIA really have cat fashion shows?

– Are there metrics that can measure the value of an intelligence report?

– What is the danger of management consultants in the national security arena?

– How do terrorist organizations get rid of undesirables?

– Where and when are Alex’s book launch parties going to occur?

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