Who We Are:  Divergent Options is a non-revenue generating non-politically aligned national security website that does not conduct political activities.

What We Do:  In 1,000 words or less, Divergent Options provides unbiased, dispassionate, candid Option Papers, Assessment Papers, and also records Podcasts.  Please note that while we assess a national security situation and may provide options, we never recommend a specific option.

Why We Do It:  In 2016 our Founders assessed a gap in national security website offerings and wanted to fill that gap by providing options without advocacy, and assessments, in a short and easy-to-read format that could fit into busy lifestyles.

Writers:  Some of our writers you may have heard of.  Some of our writers you may have never heard of.  Some of our writers write using a pseudonym to protect their true identity.  We encourage our readers to judge Divergent Options by our content and not our pedigree.

About Our Logo:  The black D and white O represent the initials of our name Divergent Options.  The colors of black and white represent the way we wish the world was, simple, black and white.  The gray background represents the way the world is, a combination of black and white, a place where nothing is simple.  The six arrows represent multiple options that could be pursued.  The arrows are amber in color to indicate caution, as every option has both risk and gain.

Administrative Information:  Further administrative information including a Content Disclaimer, Copyright Statement, and Fair Use Statement may be found here.