Divergent Options is a non-revenue generating non-politically aligned national security website that, in 1,000 words or less, provides unbiased, dispassionate, candid Option Papers, Assessment Papers, and also records Podcasts.  Please note that while we assess a national security situation and may provide options, we never recommend a specific option.

Call for Papers:

Though we release a Call for Papers schedule each year, the purpose of this schedule is to motivate, not exclude.  As such, prospective writers should feel free to send us ideas anytime, despite the Call for Papers schedule.  Please send us your idea, original, unpublished submission, or participate in one of our Call for Papers below, by emailing us at:

Writing Background:

At Divergent Options we write using a specified format.  Are you interested in assessing a national security situation and providing options to address it?  Then our Options Paper format is for you.  Are you interested in assessing a national security situation only?  Then our Assessment Paper is for you.  Are you a bit anxious?  Then check out our Writer Testimonial page.

Please note that a national security situation can be one that is externally focused e.g. what is Country X going to do about County Y or internally focused e.g. Country X should invest more in Y capability.

2019 Call for Papers Topics:

Topic:  The Next Pivot / The Next Threat

Call for Papers Begins:  January 2019

Call for Papers Ends:  Mid-February 2019

Publish Date:  Late-February 2019

Topic:  Nationalism and Extremism

Call for Papers Begins:  March 2019

Call for Papers Ends:  Mid-April 2019

Publish Date:  Late-April 2019

Topic:  Contemporary Conflict

Call for Papers Begins:  May 2019

Call for Papers Ends:  Mid-June 2019

Publish Date:  Late-June 2019

Topic:  Alternative Futures / Alternative Histories

Call for Papers Begins:  July 2019

Call for Papers Ends:  Mid-August 2019

Publish Date:  Late-August 2019

Topic:  Cyber and Space

Call for Papers Begins:  September 2019

Call for Papers Ends:  Mid-October 2019

Publish Date:  Late-October 2019

Topic:  Deterrence and Détente

Call for Papers Begins:  November 2019

Call for Papers Ends:  Mid-December 2019

Publish Date:  Late-December 2019