In this episode of The Smell of Victory Podcast Bob Hein leads the way in a discussion focusing on maritime competition between the United States and the People’s Republic of China while Steve Leonard and Phil Walter sprint to keep up!

This episode begins with a brief overview of A.T. Mahan and Julian Corbett and the differences between Sea Control and Power Projection.  Your trio of hosts then takes four ideas Andrew Marshall posed in his 1972 RAND paper “Long-Term Competition with the Soviets: A Framework for Strategic Analysis” and discusses them in a United States and People’s Republic of China maritime competition context.  Per Andrew Marshall:

A natural sequence of steps in the development of a policy, or strategy, for the long-term strategic arms competition is the following:

1. Characterization of the nature of the competition.

2. Delineation of u.s. goals in the competition.

3. Development of an appropriate strategy, or strategies, for achieving these goals.

4. Development of analytical methods and modification of inputs required to design and program U.S. strategic forces in accordance with this strategy.

Mahan, Corbett, Marshall, and even Bob Hein’s preferred cigar brands (Montecristo and My Father) are discussed in this episode!

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