Divergent Options is a non-revenue generating non-politically aligned national security website that, in 1,000 words or less, provides unbiased, dispassionate, candid Option Papers, Assessment Papers, and also records Podcasts.  Please note that while we assess a national security situation and may provide options, we never recommend a specific option.

Writing for Divergent Options:

We are very excited that you are interested in writing for Divergent Options!

Please send us your original, unpublished un-submitted-elsewhere article, or participate in one of our Call for Papers below, by emailing us at:  submissions@divergentoptions.org

At Divergent Options we write using a specified format.  Are you interested in assessing a national security situation and providing options to address it?  Then our Options Paper format is for you.  Are you interested in assessing a national security situation only?  Then our Assessment Paper is for you.  Are you a bit anxious?  Then check out our Writer Testimonial page.

Please note that a national security situation can be one that is externally focused e.g. what is Country X going to do about County Y or internally focused e.g. Country X should invest more in Y capability.

2020 Call for Papers Topics:

Topic:  Ethics in National Security (Complete, but submissions are always welcome!)

Call for Papers Begins:  January 2020

Call for Papers Ends:  Mid-February 2020

Publish Date:  Late-February 2020

Topic:  Emerging Technologies and Emerging Concepts 

Call for Papers Begins:  March 2020

Call for Papers Ends:  Mid-April 2020

Publish Date:  Late-April 2020

Topic:  Alternative Futures / Alternative Histories 

Call for Papers Begins:  May 2020

Call for Papers Ends:  Mid-June 2020

Publish Date:  Late-June 2020

Topic:  Activities Below the Threshold of War 

Call for Papers Begins:  July 2020

Call for Papers Ends:  Mid-August 2020

Publish Date:  Late-August 2020

Topic:  Words Ending in Ist and Ism 

Call for Papers Begins:  September 2020

Call for Papers Ends:  Mid-October 2020

Publish Date:  Late-October 2020

Topic:  Readiness

Call for Papers Begins:  November 2020

Call for Papers Ends:  Mid-December 2020

Publish Date:  Late-December 2020